Port St Johns

Jewel of the Wild Coast

Port St Johns – Jewel of the Wild Coast

Port St Johns South Africa is a small coastal town known as the Jewel of the Wild Coast, offering true South African hospitality.

The Wild Coast is a stretch of 250 kilometers of coast, which gained its name by its inaccessibility and reputation for ship-crushing waves. Today the Wild Coast is still untouched by plastic civilisation and offers rich experiences and adventures. If you’re after rustic authenticity, this is the place for you.

The “Wild Coast” is the coastal area of the easterly “Transkei” region of the Eastern Cape province of South Africa. The “Transkei” stretches from Kei Mouth to Port Edward. Click here to see a map and click here for Port St Johns weather.

Natural Beauty in Port St Johns

Port St Johns has escaped industrial development and is renowned for its unparalleled natural beauty and relaxed lifestyle which makes it a wonderful place to have a holiday and a sought-after area for holiday accommodation in South Africa. It perches alongside the massive Umzimvubu River which has carved its way through the ancient rocks leaving two 300 meter ramparts towering on either side. The river was deep enough in 1905 to be considered one of the best harbours in Southern Africa, but the silting of the river mouth proved insurmountable.

Umzimvubu River, Port St Johns
The Umzimvubu River meets the sea

Port St Johns also offers a unique blend of cultural richness. The Xhosa culture, both traditional and modern, is always apparent. You will see a sangoma (traditional healer) strolling along in all his finery, hear the thumping sound of modern kwaito music from a furniture store, and dodge the ever-present voracious mini-bus taxies. This vibrant noise and colour is contrasted with some crumbling reminders of a colonial history. In the streets you will hear Xhosa, Afrikaans and English as well as foreign languages from the steady stream of tourists seeking the unusual.

Dense bush encroaches into the town at any opportunity and a short walk will take you into silent forests. The sea is always close, crashing onto the rocky shores which guard the secluded beaches. Whether you want to bask on the unspoiled beaches or take part in one of the many eco-friendly adventure trails, Port St Johns offers comfortable and authentic accommodation and some unique activities. Please follow the links above to find out more.