Port St Johns

Jewel of the Wild Coast

The People

Port St Johns has always been a magnet attracting unusual and colourful people, some who have come for the surrounding beauty and the tolerance of alternate lifestyles. It offers a refuge from the stresses of city life but for most residents it still does not offer an easy lifestyle.

One has to have a sense of purpose to continue living in Port St Johns. The region is poor and there is not enough employment to sustain the surrounding population. There is no window-dressing for the tourist here. The people selling their skillfully crafted goods at the side of the road are doing that for a living. As a visitor you are warmly welcomed by the residents.

Professional fishermen, artists, traditional healers, dedicated conservationists, tourists of all nationalities and other residents, all rub shoulders in the streets. It is a fascinating kaleidoscope of cultures and opinions.

There is a feeling of a decaying colonial presence mingling with the increasingly modern Xhosa society which is itself steeped in traditional roots. Experiences here are authentic and unique.

Port St Johns Beach-Goers
Local lasses enjoying the beach
Swedish Visitors
Visitors from Sweden, about to order the delicious food at the Delicious Monster, Second Beach
The Wood n Spoon
Expect great food at the Wood’nSpoon, Second Beach
Port St Johns Crafts
Some of the craft sellers

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